Sulphur in the News and Press
TSI and the FAI co-organized sulphur fertilizer workshops in Jaipur and Kolkata in September,2008 with an attendance of over 100 people at each event. Mr. Satish Chander, FAI's director general, stressed the importance of sulphur fertilizers in Indian agriculture and encouraged the fertiliser industry to fully explore this huge market potential.Two similar workshops were orgaised at Lucknow and Hyderabad in October, 2008. A national workshop on sulphur fertiliser use in Indian agriculture is planned for December, 2008 in New Delhi …..Click for details
Sulphur – The 4th Major Plant Nutrient
Sulphur (S) is now recognized as the 4th major plant nutrient, along with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Sulphur deficiency is becoming more critical with each passing year which is severely restricting crop yield, produce quality, nutrient use efficiency and economic returns on millions of farms. Sulphur has a key role in improving crop yield and produce quality which can only be performed in S deficient areas by augmenting the supply of S…. Click for details
Sulphur Status of Indian Soils
Sulphur status of Indian soils is going down with each passing year. Close to 70 % of soil samples analysed by the ICAR system, TSI-FAI-IFA project and other programs have been found to be either deficient or marginal (moving towards deficiency) in plant available S. Sulphur deficiency is neither confined to sandy soils nor to oilseed crops. It occurs across a diverse range of soils and crops….Click for details
Sulphur and Agricultural Production
In view of the fact that now S deficiencies are wide spread, their impact on agricultural production cannot be ignored. Any deficient nutrient will hold back the performance of all other nutrients even if they are not limiting. Sulphur impacts crop yield as well as produce quality. There are research data to show the beneficial effects of S application on more than 40 crops under field conditions.... Click for details
Sulphur Fertilisers
Sulphur can be applied to the soil through any suitable product out of a number S-carrier, the choice depending on crop, local availability, price and need for other nutrients. Sulphur fertilizer can be broadly categorized into those having S in sulphate form, elemental S based products, and liquid S fertilizers. The minimum S content of fertilizers included in the Fertiliser Control Order (FCO) has now been specified and it is mandatory to print the S content on the container along with other nutrients.... Click for details
TSI India Programs
The Sulphur Institute (TSI) has been actively involved in the promotion of plant nutrient sulphur in India since the early 1980s. The major areas of work, in most cases in collaboration with national programs, have covered the production and distribution of India-specific literature for various target groups ranging from policy makers to farmers in English and local languages; organization of symposia, seminars and workshops; production and distribution of status reports and market studies; and conducting a large number of soil analyses, field trials, on farm demonstration and farmers field days.... Click for details